Here at F|A|P, we are driven by the results to address a variety of client challenges. We are looking for candidates that use a data-driven approach to work strategy and whom are motivated by the results.

Consulting is about tackling our clients’ problems, and candidates should be able to breakdown bigger issues to implement a solution strategy. This often requires, creative and quick thinking as well as the ability to clearly communicate the “game plan” to stakeholders.

COLLABORATION is what sets F|A|P apart. We value collaboration with our clients and at all levels of our organization. We look for candidates who are engaged listeners, to help pinpoint client and staff needs, who excel at fostering relationships and who feel at home being part of a team.

We are invested in our staff’s success and work to develop our staff from day one. Whether you have shown leadership potential through your previous work experience, in school or sports or in your interview, we are interested in individuals who have the potential to lead.

We are looking for team members who bring a true enthusiasm and passion to the work. In short, they love what they do. F|A|P works hard to professionally develop our employees aligned with their interests and strengths. If our staff is happy, the results are endless.


Our people make ALL the difference. We are always looking for enthusiastic professionals from various backgrounds to join the team. We value staff who bring different perspectives on the work, which helps to deepen our understanding of our clients’ needs and one another. Ideal candidates thrive in a fast-paced, every changing environment and excel as being part of a team.