ProgramIntegrity MAIN

F|A|P’s advisory services begins with thoroughly understanding our clients’ vision, then working together to remove obstacles and achieve desired results.

Our process combines strategic planning and process improvement methodologies with leading practices in change management. We believe advisory is more than providing recommendations; it is the creation of effective partnerships focused on meaningful and sustainable results.

F|A|P’s proven methodology is founded on over a decade of experience in providing advisory services to clients and partners. We help organizations solve complex problems, utilizing a diverse set of tools, capabilities, and best practices to develop customized solutions that fit their needs. Our commitment to understanding each client and the challenges they face allows our staff to provide holistic, custom-fit solutions that address the root causes of problems and help organizations succeed in achieving their strategic objectives.

F|A|P’s proven approach is founded on the ability to custom-fit proven methodologies and tools to meet the unique organizational goals, objectives, and culture of each client. Our team is comprised of subject matter experts in a myriad of areas - with a singular group focus on customer service.

F|A|P takes a wholistic approach to every engagement while evaluating and solving our clients top of mind business pains. Whether developing a training and education program to supplement and implement our firm’s recommendations or as a standalone engagement, F|A|P ensures that our clients have the tools they need to set their employees up for success and create a prepared workforce.

F|A|P supports its clients by aligning their values and purpose through identifying issues, setting priorities, defining strategies, and determining performance benchmarks and expectations. F|A|P ensures that we provide our clients with a strategic focus of the business and how it creates value to the organization’s mission.

F|A|P’s approach to developing a strong governance plan provides a consistent structure to receive input, collaborate on initiatives with all entities of an organization, and allocate resources efficiently to satisfy objectives.

F|A|P’s approach is to provide a performance management process which identifies, measures, monitors and develops the performance of the client’s workforce continuously. This allows our team to support each and every one of our clients by offering clear expectations, setting objectives, identifying goals, providing feedback, and reviewing results.

F|A|P’s approach to Strategy and Business Transformation combines industry standard strategic planning and process improvement methodologies with leading practices in change management. This allows us to not only identify challenges, but to see them through to resolution. We help clients define their strategy and work with them to identify where they must focus, how they intend to get there, and the key initiatives. Our dedicated approach brings these understandings together to map out where your organization needs to go – and ultimately help transport you there.

F|A|P understands the current environment for Agencies requires continuous changes to financial processes to ensure compliance with new laws, policies, and guidance. To assist Agencies with maintaining compliance while continuing to improve financial operations, F|A|P has designed capabilities that can be tailored and customized to each client’s requirements. F|A|P understands that financial management improvement methodologies need to look beyond financial statement audit compliance and must utilize innovative solutions to streamline key aspects of financial management including people, processes, data, and technology. By creating flexible, streamlined, and innovative financial management methodologies, F|A|P proactively implements solutions to assist clients with remediating financial and accounting processes to ensure the client mission and objectives are achieved.

F|A|P’s “high touch, high quality” client approach leverages best practices from our team’s experience to develop personalized solutions. Our extensive experience provides in depth insight into the current issues impacting our clients allowing F|A|P to develop comprehensive strategies that decrease financial risks while increasing financial efficiency. F|A|P evaluates changing financial and accounting laws and policy to proactively identify solutions for client implementation.

Our main Financial Management & Accounting capabilities include:

• A-123 Internal Controls & Enterprise Risk Management

• Financial Improvement & Audit Readiness

• Financial Modeling

• Planning, Budgeting, & Forecasting

• Financial Analysis

The current business landscape is constantly changing and staying ahead of risk items is crucial to business's retaining their competitive market edge. F|A|P partners with its clients to help plan for the future of their organizations by researching and outlining current/future risks and delivering actionable insights to mitigate their impact.

F|A|P helps its clients improve their performance by ensuring businesses are as efficient and effective as possible. Our approach includes investigating stakeholder needs, process documentation and mapping, and recommending appropriate process controls. The end goal is to help clients document, analyze, improve and automate their business processes.