Integrated Collections Forecasting Model

F|A|P has supported the VHA Revenue Operations Office of Community Care since 2008 in areas of performance monitoring, key metric development, collections forecasting, data analytics, and outcome measures. Target support areas include time series forecasting and management of the Integrated Collections Forecasting Model (ICFM), data mining and analytics of the Corporate Data Warehouse (CDW), annual medical center collection target development, budget scenarios, and revenue impact analysis development.

F|A|P utilizes ICFM to forecast collections over a 10-year horizon to inform the President’s Budget process. Through collections forecasting and data analytical support, the F|A|P team designed a process to allocate monthly collection goals by Medical Care Collection Fund (MCCF) to each VA medical center and developed alternative models to project End of Year (EOY) collections performance.  Additionally, F|A|P utilizes ICFM processes to develop impact analyses for impacts of key policy changes and processes.