Advanced Medical Cost Management Solution

The strategic implementation of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Advanced Medical Cost Management Solution (AMCMS), Software as a Service (SaaS) model, is led by F|A|P across all phases of development, configuration, maintenance, and enhancement. Input from key executive and field-level stakeholders at the Office of Community Care (OCC), within the Veteran’s Health Administration (VHA), was solicited to ensure the ability of AMCMS to be customized to VA’s precise needs and provide an organization-wide solution that integrates financial management, utilization management, and data analytics to accurately forecast, monitor and control OCC’s medical services costs.

To execute effective medical cost management, a clear strategy was defined in response to an identified business need for centralized monitoring of organizational funds, expenditures, and outstanding liabilities. Subsequent transformation processes were implemented for change management planning, software implementation analysis, and continued strategic intervention. Following national deployment, AMCMS has become an integral VA solution generating a wide variety of powerful reporting dashboards that can be used to support asset management, liability assessment, valuation support, healthcare services planning, organizational structure evaluation, policy and procedure development, risk management analysis, and comprehensive financial/utilization management analytics.