Federal Advisory Partners’ (F|A|P) Business Analytics services provide insight and consulting for enterprise data management, business intelligence, advanced data analytics, and health econometrics.

We assist health care organizations in transforming data into intelligence to improve performance, make informed decisions, and achieve superior results.

To be successful, health care organizations must become more proficient in accessing, monitoring, and understanding data. As the industry touts “Big Data” and “Advanced Analytics” many health systems remain “data rich” but “information poor”. F|A|P utilizes client-centered consulting to deliver comprehensive, customized systems-based solutions.

Our deep bench of revenue cycle knowledge is paired with statistical and health econometric experts which are adept at identifying, scrubbing and compiling “good data” to generate objective and meaningful information.


Business Analytics & Business Intelligence

Performance monitoring and analysis is critical for any health system to make strategic decisions. Exploration and understanding of a system’s available data, how it is generated, existing limitations, and general viability is necessary to generate accurate monitoring and analyses.

Our team has extensive experience with business analytics using tools and platforms such as:

  • SAS
  • Oracle Express
  • Oracle Discover
  • Oracle Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI)
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • ProClarity
  • Microsoft Office

Our deep knowledge of our clients’ operations allows our team to locate data abnormalities and transform raw data for more accurate and reliable analytical results. Understanding historical production environments, constraints, restrictions, developments, and enhancements is critical to navigating through each data repository as well as individual paid claims to produce meaning products.